Which Places Are The Best For Buying Real Estate In Vietnam In 2020?

Here’s a simple fact. Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing countries in Asia and the one that is extremely appealing for the real estate industry. It is a country next to the sea, with beautiful landscapes and friendly people. All of these mean that acquiring a real estate is a desire of us many. The real question is where to get such property? There is no simple answer here, and we will have to cover a few locations that are simply the best and the most popular today, and that will share the same virtue in 2020.

Top Three Places for Buying Real Estate in Vietnam

1.     Ho Chi Minh City

The best place to look for Vietnam real estate is Ho Chi Minh City due to several reasons. The first one is obvious. This is the largest urban area in the country, and it is growing faster than any other place in the country and this part of Asia. The city is massive, and it has 19 inner or main districts and four surrounding areas. Keep in mind that the city is commonly referred to as Saigon by natives. The best district to get a real estate here is district 1 or 3. The opinions are mixed, and either one of these two is popular right now. Last but not least, the city has well-planned and divided central core and surrounding areas.

Ho Chi Minh apartment

2.     Hanoi

Hanoi is slowly advancing to the future. It is the second-largest city and the capital of the country. It is the center of politicians and politics in general. This means that many of the locations are open to developing. You will have to focus your attention on the city’s center and invest here long-term. It is a more affordable area to invest than Saigon but equally desirable. Top tip, Vietnam government has serious plans to develop the city in the near future, which will transform the overall real estate prices and values.

hanoi apartment

3.     Da Nang

Da Nang is a coastal city with a beautiful view. It is a popular real estate located within the country that comes with plenty of hotels and also great attractions. The city is the first choice of foreign investors and can be seen as the future best travel destination in the whole of Vietnam. The city itself is 25km away from Da Nang and comes with a dedicated and tourist-focused city center. However, it is more like a resort than an actual city. You can easily find a condo that has an ocean view or get one close to the major hotels present here, such as Hyatt, Movenpick, and Sheraton, among many others.

Da nang apartment

Final words

Vietnam is the key place to focus all investments related to real estate today and in the future. The biggest rival was China, but due to many new laws and overall complexity, many people found that Vietnam offers all the perks but not a single drawback. It is the wisest country to invest right now, and you finally know where.