Rent A Room In Luxembourg

Have you decided to visit Luxembourg? Whether you are a student, tourist, or an expat, you will find a nice blend of people of different native origins. Don’t be surprised if you find some of your kinsmen here. Luxumbourg is Europe’s job hub. Beautiful streets, comfortable housing, high quality and cheap cuisines, and numerous tourist attraction sites are embedded here.

Once you have fulfilled the basic immigration requirements for legal entry, your next worry is accommodation. Securing accommodation here is quite easy if you look in the right place.

Why should you choose a room?

Rental accommodation options in Luxembourg vary widely. Thanks to a galant real estate industry. You can rent rooms, studios, flats, hotels, various reservation spots and so on. You may choose to rent a room in Luxembourg for the following reasons.

  • Single rooms are very easy to get across Luxembourg, irrespective of which part of Luxembourg you choose to stay.
  • Single rooms are a good start for new entrants as it is cheaper and can help them adjust easily financially to a new environment.
  • A single room also offers privacy. If you like a quiet and private life, renting an apartment may appeal to you.
  • Contracts for renting single rooms are quite straight-forward. You are also more likely to detect or avoid incurring hidden rental costs.

rent a room Luxembourg

What do I need to get a room?

First ensure that you have your ID, a valid passport and evidence of employment or income if you are an expat. Foreign students who wish to live in rooms located off-campus may be required to provide evidence of admission into schools within Luxembourg. Once you have the required documents, getting a room is so easy.

You may contact real estate offices or the Relocation Office for inquiries about vacant rooms within your chosen location. Many real estate operators in Luxembourg offer quality services. However, we can vouch for the services of Vaubanfort. If you are looking for good deals with no hidden charges, check-in with Vaubanfort to rent a room in Luxembourg.

rent a room Luxembourg

Things to note before renting a room

Get more than one deal: When you have more room options and contracts, you can choose the best deal available. Avoid hurrying to take the first deal you find. You can get better deals and save some cash when you have more than one option.

Confirm room inventory: You may be lucky to get semi or a fully furnished room. Usually, the agent or landlord will give you an inventory of items present in the room and their working condition. Be sure to check that all items on inventory are accurately described therein. If you miss any item, you may be required to pay for the damage.

Compulsory three months prior notice: As a tenant, you are required by law to give your landlord or agent three months notice before vacating your room. Ensure that you follow this rule. Where unexpected circumstances arise, quickly inform your agent or landlord so you can reach a compromise.

House check: Once you have made your intention to vacate the room, the agent and landlord will come to check the state of the room. The inventory you received before moving into the room will be cross-checked with the prevailing conditions of items on inventory as you decide to leave. You may be asked to repair or pay for damages that are not covered in the contract.

You can expect to enjoy your stay as the laws here are to protect your interest.