Dubai Apartments For Sale – Lovely Places To Look Out For

Dubai is one of the few locations on earth that attracts a lot of people. In fact, in 2018 alone, about 16 million found their way to this place. The last decade has witnessed a significant influx of tourists to Dubai, so that it is now known as one of the most cherished places on earth. Hence, Dubai is currently witnessing a massive boom in her economic activities, with new businesses sprouting every day. If you are on the lookout for an apartment for sale in Dubai, then the information below is a sure bet for you.


Jumeirah is a residential region in Dubai that is bordered by coasts. Jumeirah is one of the many places in the United Arab Emirates that consists of hotels and private houses.

It includes prominent detached and expensive properties plus some other regions with homes of different architectural designs. Human-made and natural beaches are predominant in this region. This is a very famous place with tourists and expatriates that work in the emirate.

Palm Jumeirah apartment


Deira is a city in Dubai, bordered by Dubai Creek, Sharjah, and the Persian Gulf. It is a neighbor to Al Mamzar and Naif.

This is a very conducive place to enjoy your stay in Dubai with your loved ones. It is also a beautiful place for a vacation or short weekend breaks. With a lot of developments and projects with beach access and sea views, this location is a sure place to offer a good return on your investment.

Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road

This is one of the most popular roads in Dubai. It starts from Abu Dhabi in New Falah and stretches towards the emirate of Ras Al-Khaimah.

The apartments in this location have some of the most beautiful and breath-taking appearances that will leave you in awe. It truly encompasses a massive investment in its overall infrastructure. That’s why a lot of investors and businesses are now flocking to it.

Dubai South

Dubai South is one of the few places in Dubai that is on a mission of self-sufficiency. It includes a large variety of commercial and residential properties. It is well-positioned for economic activities as it helps in supporting many businesses, logistics, aviation activities, commercial, and every kind of human-related activities. The properties in this region include reduced homes and new homes for rental and sale. This is surely a place that you’ll like to check out.

dubai property

Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali is a business hub and a very big commercial port that is located in the southern part of Dubai. This is where Sandy Jebel Ali Beach is located.

Jebel Ali is a center for those who are engaged in golfing and diving activities. This place is also blessed with marine life supported by the waters from Arabian Gulf. It even has submerged wrecks.

Apartments in this area are relatively cheaper compared to other locations in Dubai. This region is also characterized by nearby shops and restaurants where you are sure to get most of the things you need.